Colorado Woman Keeps Pooping in This Family’s Lawn

21 Sep , 2017 Culture

The following story stinks. Some might say it’s a crapshoot. Pop a squat, however, and we’ll tell you all about it… According to KTTV, a woman in Colorado Springs has earned the nickname “The Mad Pooper” because she keeps defecating on the front lawn of the same family on a near-daily basis. Cathy Budde tells […]

The heart-wrenching story of Jimmy Kimmel’s infant son explains why he’s so passionate about healthcare

21 Sep , 2017 Business

For the past two nights, late-night Jimmy Kimmel has been doing battle with Republican politicians and conservative media over the latest bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Some conservative outlets like the National Review and conservative commentators on Fox News attacked Kimmel for inserting himself into the debate over the so-called Graham-Cassidy […]

Alaskan Bush People: Special Airs Tonight! Good News for Season 8?

21 Sep , 2017 Culture

Filming on Alaskan Bush People Season 8 seems to be in limbo. And while theories abound, no one’s quite sure why. The production team hasn’t made an official statement. It might be that they’re just delaying production for a short while, but fans worry that this hiatus is going to turn into a cancelation. Considering […]

Farrah Abraham Live Stream Sex Show: What Was it Really Like?

21 Sep , 2017 Culture

Farrah Abraham made her cam girl sex debut last Wednesday night, and for obvious reasons, the Teen Mom universe is flipping the eff out. First of all, who knew that cam girls were still a thing. Second of all … Farrah Abraham is one? Really?! Whether fans found this stunt legitimately titillating or morbidly fascinating, […]

What On Earth Is Bella Hadid Hiding Under Her Hat?

21 Sep , 2017 Culture

The most famous names in fashion today end in Jenner, Hadid, and now, Gerber. It helps that, in addition to their common link of famous families, they’ve all developed a unique breed of model off-duty style that stands out from the rest. Think: all the pervasive fashion tropes you know, but with million-dollar upgrades. But […]

All Mormon missionaries in quake-impacted Mexico reported safe

21 Sep , 2017 World

SALT LAKE CITY — All Mormon missionaries serving in areas of Mexico impacted by Tuesday’s earthquake are reported safe, with the LDS Church still assessing quake effects to members and facilities as well as opportunity to help overall. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released the following statement, posted on the church’s […]