The bewitching splendor of an eclipse, in 13 vintage photos

16 Aug , 2017 Science

On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans will get the chance to see a total solar eclipse. Technically, this cosmic phenomenon isn’t all that rare — an eclipse can be seen from somewhere on this planet every 18 months or so. But to be able to watch the moon blot the sun right out of […]

This week I learned it might be possible to learn while you sleep, and more

11 Aug , 2017 Science

Read more about the facts mentioned: Your brain can form new memories while you are asleep, neuroscientists show (The Washington Post) How the tongue keeps its tastes straight (Eureka Alert) Bees are first insects shown to understand the concept of zero (New Scientist) In Victorian Britain the crowds approved of sports doping — with cocaine […]

The great solar eclipse of 2017

5 Aug , 2017 Science

On Aug. 21, the moon’s shadow will roll across the U.S. as tens of millions of Americans witness a total solar eclipse. Here’s everything you need to know: Why do total eclipses occur?Occasionally, the moon’s elliptical orbit carries it directly between the sun and Earth, placing all three celestial objects in complete alignment. The moon’s […]