This new rocket thruster could revolutionize space travel

21 Oct , 2017 Science

NASA thinks it can get people to Mars a little faster, said Tereza Pultarova at Space. A group of researchers at the University of Michigan, working with NASA, have developed a new ion-based thruster that could propel humans to the Red Planet “at much greater speeds than chemical-propulsion rockets can.” The X3 thruster uses electricity, […]

Obama’s Clean Power Plan is dead. Time to get serious on climate change.

11 Oct , 2017 Science

In 10,000 years, if there are still human beings around, it’s pretty likely that most things about President Trump will have been long forgotten. The fading, gold-plated letters will all have fallen from Trump’s Manhattan skyscrapers. His gaudy, bankrupt hotels will have crumbled to dust. With any luck, even the history books will barely mention […]

This week I learned spoilers can actually make a story better, and more

6 Oct , 2017 Science

Read more about the facts mentioned: Spoiler alert — spoilers make you enjoy spoilers more ( Do mothers favor daughters and fathers favor sons? (EurekaAlert!) The psychology behind why clowns creep us out (The Conversation) Stress diminishes our capacity to sense new dangers, psychology research finds (ScieneDaily) …read more Source:: The Week – Science       

This week I learned a good mood can make the flu vaccine more effective, and more

29 Sep , 2017 Science

Read more about the facts mentioned: Being in a good mood can affect how well the flu vaccine protects you (Science Alert) Study identifies 5 common cat personality factors (Discover) This extinct frog probably ate crocodiles and dinosaurs (Gizmodo) Doctors once prescribed terrifying plane flights to ‘cure’ deafness (Smithsonian Magazine) …read more Source:: The Week […]