Rand Paul’s righteous quest

18 Sep , 2017 Politics

Republicans who supported Donald Trump because they wanted to change the party’s approach to immigration are starting to wonder if they bet on the wrong man. But Republicans who backed Trump to shift the party’s hawkish foreign policy in a more realistic direction ought to be sure they made a bad gamble. They should have […]

Presidential pardons, explained

17 Sep , 2017 Politics

Presidents have almost unlimited power to grant clemency for federal crimes — but they don’t always use it wisely. Here’s everything you need to know: Why was this power created?The Constitution’s Article II, Section 2 gives presidents the power to grant pardons “for Offenses against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.” Pardons can […]

Here’s Why Some Trump Supporters Are Setting Their MAGA Hats On Fire

16 Sep , 2017 Politics

“You have become the swamp.” As President Trump flirts with making a deal with Democrats on DREAMers, some of his hardcore supporters are turning on him by burning their iconic “Make America Great Again” hats. Alex Wong / Getty Images House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced on Wednesday that […]

5 of the worst style mistakes Trump has made

16 Sep , 2017 Politics

President Trump is no stranger to poor dress. Just when we think he’s peaked, another horrible sartorial move takes him over the top. Just this week, Trump committed what we called “the single most unforgivable men’s suiting sin” — wearing mismatched suiting separates. He was photographed wearing black pants with a navy suit jacket. Now […]

Saving DACA can’t save Trump

15 Sep , 2017 Politics

It’s too late for President Trump. Yes, it’s still early in his presidency. Yes, it’s welcome news that he appears to be nearing an agreement to keep young migrant “DREAMers” at home in the United States. And yes, it’s fun to watch Trump’s anti-immigrant base melt down over these developments. But all the bipartisan deal-making […]

This Hillary Clinton would’ve won

15 Sep , 2017 Politics

“Bernie would’ve won” has become something of a mantra among American leftists. Partially, it’s just a pithy way to troll establishment Democrats. But it also suggests that Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign represented a different form of politics: one that put ambitious ideas and a sense of public solidarity ahead of expertise and qualifications. And this […]