Al Franken has to go

On Thursday morning, Los Angeles-area radio host Leeann Tweeden accused Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) of sexually harassing her on a USO tour in 2006. She alleges that Franken wrote a skit in which she was supposed to kiss him, and then pressured her into “practicing” the routine, during which he forcibly kissed her. Then, while

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John McDonnell claims British business now sees Labour as ‘the government in waiting’

Shadow Chancellor says business leaders are planning for Labour to win the next election. Business sees Labour as “the government in waiting,” John McDonnell claims. He says his party will save Britain from the coming economic “catastrophe” under Theresa May’s government. Conservatives and Lib Dems accuse Labour of reckless economic plans. LONDON — Shadow Chancellor

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The secret history of cowboy socialism

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Corbyn accuses the government of letting the ‘super-rich few dodge their taxes’ at PMQs

LONDON — Jeremy Corbyn accused Theresa May’s government of letting the “super-rich few dodges their taxes” while cutting public services during Prime Minister’s Questions. The Labour leader quizzed the prime minister on police cuts, fire safety, universal credit, and tax cuts in the first PMQs since Parliament returned from a short Autumn recess. Corbyn said

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The GOP’s fractal incompetence problem

The tax bill winding its way through the House is an absolute mess. People like to focus on the big-ticket narrative that the bill raises taxes on the middle class to cut taxes on the rich. Which is true, and bad. But it actually undersells the bill’s badness. The proposal includes lots of bizarre provisions,

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