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The Guy Who Wrote The Google Anti-Diversity Memo Is Now Polling People On “Cool” KKK Titles

20 Sep , 2017 Fresh news

James Damore, the former Google software engineer fired for writing a memo arguing against workplace diversity, is polling people on Twitter about “cool” titles used within the Ku Klux Klan. High-ranking members of the KKK sometimes go by titles like “Grand Dragon” and “Imperial Wizard,” though contemporary iterations of the racist organization may confer titles […]

CNN’s Sister Network Is Hosting An Event At Anthony Scaramucci’s Restaurant

19 Sep , 2017 Fresh news

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images Three months after CNN forced out three staffers over a retracted Russia story involving Anthony Scaramucci, the cable network’s sister channel will host a press luncheon at the former White House communications director’s steakhouse. The Wednesday event at Hunt & Fish Club, where founding partner Scaramucci often holds court, will […]