WWW Chicago outdoors: Perch? Aquatic pet take-back, Root River to-do

13 Oct , 2017 Sports

The biggest question for this Wild Weekend Wandering around Chicago outdoors is whether that perch bite at Montrose earlier this week indicated what is setting up on the Chicago lakefront or not. I tempted to make a quick weekend or Monday morning check at the Southeast Side around 87th and 89th.

I’ll see.

I had hoped to get out for some wading and river fishing this weekend, but the forecast looks like we could be seeing more serious water again tonight and tomorrow. Probably will rethink that. Might be the perfect day to check in with recovering Norm Minas and talk memories.

Bowhunters are probably at least a week, more likely two weeks, away from the rut really kicking in. I haven’t seen the deer crazily wandering just yet with lustful thoughts in mind.

Casters are catching the occasional darkening king and coho on the lakefront and up the streams. Snaggers are doing what they do.

Fly fishing for inland trout is open at nine sites across Illinois. I haven’t bought an inland trout stamp in years, but am thinking about it for the fly fishing portion. Ed Buric and I are kicking around the possibility of getting out early next week. Regular fall trout …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun-Times – Sports


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