Susan Collins Announces She’s Not Running For Governor Of Maine

13 Oct , 2017 Culture

Sen. Susan Collins isn’t going anywhere. The Maine Republican announced Friday that she’s staying out of the governor’s race because she believes she can do more good for her state by staying in Washington.

“I am a congenital optimist. I continue to believe that Congress can, and will, be more productive,” Collins said. “I want to continue to play a key role in advancing policies that strengthen our nation, help our hardworking families, improve our health care system, and bring peace and stability to a troubled and violent world.”

The 64-year-old Collins has been weighing for months whether she’d make a bigger impact in the Senate or by launching a bid to become the first woman to serve as Maine’s governor. She is one of a handful of GOP centrists and decided she’s needed in the U.S. Senate.

Her decision will likely free more gubernatorial candidates who have been waiting on the sidelines to enter the race. Two-term Republican Gov. Paul LePage cannot run again because of term limits.

Like President Trump, LePage has been a polarizing leader. Collins said previously that she’d like to heal the state and “bring people back together.”

Speculation about Collins’ political future has been swirling for more than …read more

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