Now that’s different: Hendricks gives himself the early hook in Game 5

13 Oct , 2017 Sports

WASHINGTON — There was a Twitter poll that made the rounds Thursday, leading into Game 5 of the division series between the Cubs and Nationals, and it blew up in the face of the smart-alecky media nudnik who created it.

“In what inning,” he wrote — OK, fine, I wrote — “will Joe Maddon prematurely lift Kyle Hendricks tonight?”

The choices were the sixth, the fifth and even earlier than that, and by the time about 1,300 people had responded, 43 percent were foreseeing an extra-early hook from Maddon.

In what inning will Joe Maddon prematurely lift Kyle Hendricks tonight?

— Steve Greenberg (@SLGreenberg) October 12, 2017

But don’t blame them. I’m the one who offered up a faulty premise. I didn’t ask if Maddon would pull Hendricks too soon — as he infamously did in Game 7 of last year’s World Series — but when he would do it.

As it turned out, Maddon did pull Hendricks before the fifth inning. Yet he stayed with the struggling right-hander quite a bit longer than a lot of managers would have.

It’s almost like Maddon wasn’t pulling our legs at all before the game when he said: “I think you’ve got to give Kyle a …read more

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