By openly sabotaging ObamaCare, Trump is giving Democrats a tremendous opportunity

12 Oct , 2017 Politics

Imagine this: What if President Trump’s thoughtless and malicious attack on the American health-care system wound up leading to something more efficient and humane than what we have now — even something like single-payer health coverage? As odd as that sounds, it could happen, because of the way that in contemporary politics we careen from action to reaction.

We’ll get to the politics in a moment, but to begin one must understand that right now, the Trump administration is working to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, which in practice means attempting to send the individual health insurance market into a “death spiral” of rapidly decreasing enrollment and increasing premiums. While it might make sense for them to decide that since they’re in charge of the government they should try to make things work — if nothing else then to avoid the political fallout that will come from the fact that they bear responsibility for implementing the law whether they like it or not — they have decided to do nothing of the sort.

Open enrollment, when people select their health plans, starts on November 1st. But this year it will be half as long as it used to be, only six …read more

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