Obama’s Clean Power Plan is dead. Time to get serious on climate change.

11 Oct , 2017 Science

In 10,000 years, if there are still human beings around, it’s pretty likely that most things about President Trump will have been long forgotten. The fading, gold-plated letters will all have fallen from Trump’s Manhattan skyscrapers. His gaudy, bankrupt hotels will have crumbled to dust. With any luck, even the history books will barely mention his name.

But there is one big exception: Even 10,000 years from now, Trump’s effects on the climate of our planet will still be felt.

This week, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt carried out one of the most consequential actions of any administration in history, when he obeyed Trump’s order to cancel former President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which set national limits on carbon pollution from power plants. This is crazy. We are living through an absolutely critical moment for climate policy. In a sane world, rich countries would be ratcheting down emissions at something like 10 percent per year. Four years of an unhinged climate denier in the White House could not have come at a worse time. Humans will feel the effects of this for millennia to come.

However, we must also acknowledge that the Clean Power Plan, while positive, …read more

Source:: The Week – Science


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