Jackie Chan Takes On Pierce Brosnan In ‘The Foreigner’ Trailer

14 Sep , 2017 Culture


There are several reasons why The Foreigner may be more than just an action film. For one, the pairing of Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan should have been done many years ago, and kudos to The Foreigner for bringing the two together. Another huge reason is it’s directed by Martin Campbell, a filmmaker whose highlights include The Mask of Zorro, GoldenEye (with Brosnan as Bond!), Casino Royale, and the underrated Mel Gibson flick Edge of Darkness.

The story centers on a London based businessman named Quan (Chan) who loses his teenage daughter in a terrorist act. Quan believes a British government official (Brosnan) holds the identities of the criminals, and our hero goes on a bloody mission of vengeance!!

Though few actors can balance comedy and action as well as Chan, it’s great whenever he takes on a purely dramatic role. The trailer suggests there won’t be a ton of Chan one-liners in this one, and Campbell’s work is usually as dark and somber as they come (unless you count the misfire known as Green Lantern). The Foreigner is one movie we’re definitely checking out when it hits theaters on October 13. Leave us a …read more

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