Sarah Stage: Still Think I Photoshop? Watch Me Work Out!

13 Sep , 2017 Culture

Sarah stage still think i photoshop watch me work out

Fitness mom Sarah Stage still has a six pack at 8 months pregnant. In fact, every day she gets closer to the 9 month mark.

Though we’re sure that this, too, will bring in more criticism and controversy from mommy-shamers and body-shamers alike, Sarah Stage has posted a couple more updates.

And one of them is an exercise video showing exactly how she keeps those rock-hard abs. And yes, you can watch that video below.

Sarah Stage is such an inspiration.

Different pregnancies impact bodies differently.

(Actually, different bodies are designed to carry weight differently whether they’re pregnant or not — one gene turning on or off can make a world of difference between two people with similar diets and similar exercise habits)

It’s not that many people are likely to follow in her lead and try to keep a six pack throughout their entire pregnancy.

But … for many people who might struggle with their weight or with exercise or who tell themselves that getting a six pack of rock hard abs is just impossible, Sarah Stage represents hope.

After all, if she can do the “impossible,” then someone who doesn’t have a fetus releasing hormones into their bodies and exhausting them for months on end …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip

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