Former team on Mike Glennon: ‘Too good of a player to be on the bench’

13 Sep , 2017 Sports

Dirk Koetter ticks through Mike Glennon’s qualities — “He’s extremely smart, he’s a great guy, he’s a lot of fun to be around,” the Buccaneers coach said Wednesday — before getting to the one thing that matters to the Bears.

“We liked him a lot and we think he’s a starting-caliber quarterback in the NFL,” he said. “Obviously you guys are finding that out now.”

Caught in the throes of Mike-vs-Mitch Mania, not all of Chicago would agree with that assertion. The Bears’ defense of their quarterback has been consistent since their 23-17 loss to the Falcons on Sunday. Koetter took up the cause Wednesday, too, saying the Bears had four shots from the 5-yard line to try to beat the Falcons.

“You’ve got the defending NFC champs coming into your stadium last week — no turnovers,” said Koetter, who was Glennon’s coordinator in 2015 and head coach last year. “Mike takes care of the football. He’s a very accurate passer. He’s an excellent leader. It didn’t surprise me one bit that he was elected captain there in Chicago.

“They had chances to win the game at the end. … If just one play goes the other way, the Bears beat the …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun-Times – Sports

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