One of the states hit hardest by the opioid crisis shows us what’s wrong with how we’re fighting it

12 Sep , 2017 Business

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A new study looked at the effectiveness of drug treatments in court programs in Ohio.

The study found 89% of participants were given Vivitrol, a treatment favored by judges but not most addiction doctors.
Misconceptions about drug treatments are still very prevalent, making it harder for the public to get the “gold standard” treatment for opioid use disorder.

A study of addiction treatment programs in Ohio shows many of the problems with the current approach to the US opioid crisis.

The study, conducted by nonprofit Treatment Research Institute, looked at 25 drug courts in Ohio in 2016 to determine the effectiveness of giving medication-assisted treatment to its participants — 500 in total. Ohio currently has the fourth-highest overdose death rate in the US.

Medication-assisted treatment uses prescription medications in conjunction with psychological therapy to help patients work on the underlying issues leading to their substance use, without the constant pressure of withdrawal.

There are a few primary medications that are used in the treatment. The most widely studied are maintenance drugs like buprenorphine and methadone, which are chemically similar to opioids and work by attaching to the same brain receptors, preventing users from using other opioids to get high while reducing cravings …read more

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