California Governor Agrees To Immigrant Protections

12 Sep , 2017 Culture

Following the Trump administration’s announcement that it would rescind DACA, fifteen states and the District of Columbia sued the U.S. government over the decision. Although California was conspicuously absent from the list, the state’s attorney general has announced that he’s filing a separate lawsuit against the government for rescinding DACA.

California Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Senate leader said Monday they’ve agreed to changes in proposed legislation that would further restrict interactions between law enforcement officers and federal immigration agents.

The agreement came on the same day the state sued the Trump administration over its decision to end a program that shields young immigrants from deportation.

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, agreed to changes demanded by Brown following fierce opposition from sheriffs and other law-enforcement officials.

The bill would still prohibit state and local police from asking about people’s immigration status or enforcing federal immigration laws.

However, following Monday’s changes, it would preserve the ability of law officers to cooperate on federal task forces as long as the task force doesn’t specifically work on immigration enforcement.

Police and jail officials would be able to notify U.S. immigration agents if they detain people with convictions for some 800 crimes, …read more

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