Why the fall of the Medellin cartel failed to stop the flow of drugs, according to a DEA agent who hunted Escobar

11 Sep , 2017 Business

Pablo Escobar

Under the leadership of Pablo Escobar, the Medellin cartel moved immense amounts of drugs and brought in stratospheric profits.

By one measure, they were raking in $420 million a week by the mid-1980s, and by the end of the decade the cartel reportedly supplied 80% of the world’s cocaine.

Such prodigious trafficking made Escobar and his organization the target of the Colombian government and its close partner, the US.

The two countries launched a brutal campaign against him, and Escobar responded in kind, leaving Colombia littered with bodies until his own death on December 2, 1993.

Escobar’s legend has grown in the years since. Similarly, the drug trade has continued apace, despite Escobar’s demise and the withering away of the Medellin cartel.

“What happened with the Medellin cartel after we took them down? The Cali cartel got stronger, right? And we then took them down. Norte de Valle cartel takes over; we take them down,” Javier Peña, a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent who worked on both the Escobar and the Cali cartel cases, said on The Cipher Brief podcast.

The Cali cartel had long been a Medellin rival, but it reached the height …read more

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