US and European militaries are trying to keep neo-Nazis out of their ranks

11 Sep , 2017 Business

charlottesville nazis

The presence of right-wing demonstrators amid violence during protests in Charlottesville and elsewhere has brought renewed attention to the issue of neo-Nazis and other far-right extremists in the military.

But the issue of such extremists joining the military and gaining access to lethal weaponry and advanced training is not a new one, nor is it limited to the US.

Earlier this month, four serving members of the UK army were arrested under the Terrorism Act, suspected of membership in a prohibited neo-Nazi group, National Action, which was linked to the murder of parliamentarian Jo Cox in 2016.

A civilian was arrested alongside the troops, and two of the five have been released without charge, but a British anti-extremist group says that a National Action member has helped as many as 10 members of far-right groups join the country’s army.

“He is National Action’s link man to the army,” Matthew Collins, head of research at Hope Not Hate, told The Times of London. “National Action trust him to help people get into the army. We think that maybe 10 attempted to join the army in the last two years.”

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