Mike Glennon or Mitch Trubisky? Fans on both sides saw hope Sunday

11 Sep , 2017 Sports

It’s almost uncanny how the Mike Glennon/Mitch Trubisky quarterback debate seems to fuel itself. From Glennon’s opening pick-6 and Trubisky’s three scoring drives in the Bears’ preseason opener, the debate was in full gear — and neither quarterback has done anything since to even remotely settle the matter.

We moved no further off that spot after the Bears’ 23-17 loss to the Falcons on Sunday at Soldier Field. Glennon wasn’t the reason the Bears lost. But he had a golden opportunity to be the reason the Bears won and couldn’t pull it off.

Statistically, Glennon nailed the sweet spot of quarterback mediocrity with an 86.8 passer rating. He was good enough to keep the job, but unimpressive enough to leave you feeling the Bears might have a better option. Had Glennon been a little better — if he had completed that final pass to Zach Miller in the end zone, Glennon’s passer rating would have been 97.7 — there wouldn’t much of a legitimate debate today.

(In the previous five NFL seasons, quarterbacks with ratings between 84.8-88.8 are 76-80-2 — Glennon’s 86.8 was right in the middle of that range. And sure enough, the difference between winning and losing was razor …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun-Times – Sports

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