Kelly Clarkson Accidentally Brought Up Vibrators On Live TV & Was Predictably Mortified

11 Sep , 2017 Culture

Anything can happen on live TV. And we mean anything. That’s part of the reason we tune in: to see things run smoothly, but also with curiosity in case things don’t quite go as planned. It leaves us feeling all sorts of awkward.

Kelly Clarkson appeared on NBC’s The Today Show and played “Never Have I Ever” on a live segment. This is already the makings of a calamity. Has anyone ever played “Never Have I Ever” and had it go well?

Huda Kotb asked the panel, “never have I ever ‘misplaced’ a noisy toy.” She specifically meant noisy kid toys, but Clarkson thought she meant vibrating sex toys. A totally reasonable assumption! Some of them make noise! One the panelists (we think it’s Jenna Bush but it’s a little unclear) begins talking her child’s fart gun, at which point Kelly collapses into a fit of laughter. She manages to eke out the words “I thought you meant a different kind of toy.” Sheinelle Jones immediately picks up on what Kelly was talking about, and Savannah Guthrie begins fanning herself. The rest of the panel devolves into a half-embarrassed, half-amused cackle party.

The “Since U Been Gone” singer took the situation …read more

Source:: Refinery29

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