Just a tiny question: Are we witnessing the collapse of the 2017 Cubs?

11 Sep , 2017 Sports

Is there a nice way to say this? The Cubs didn’t just get swept by the Brewers over the weekend at Wrigley Field. When it got down to crunch time in Sunday’s 3-1 series finale, they went out like lambs.

What a bottom of the ninth inning it wasn’t. First, Ian Happ struck out swinging despite having been ahead in the count 3-1. Then, with the bases still empty, Javier Baez swung repeatedly for a two-run homer — call it Javy math — to no avail. Finally, after Jason Heyward ripped a glorious broken-bat infield single that traveled approximately 18 feet, Alex Avila kindly whiffed for Brewers closer Corey Knebel, too.

Three games. Three runs scored by the Cubs. Three questions:

Where has the Cubs’ mojo gone?

Are the Brewers and/or Cardinals, each now two games back in the National League Central, going to blow the Cubs’ house down?

Are we witnessing the collapse of the defending World Series champions?

No pressure, fellas.

“I didn’t feel [pressure] before the series,” manager Joe Maddon said. “I still don’t. I just enjoy the game.”

And then, after a pause: “We aren’t hitting.”

It’s kind of a problem.

Over their last eight games, the Cubs have scored a total of 16 runs. Eight …read more

Source:: Chicago Sun-Times – Sports

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