High school football: Riverton Silverwolves 2017 preview

13 Aug , 2017 Sports

Note: Riverton finished with a 1-9 overall record in 2016 and last in Region 4 with a 0-6 record. It did not qualify for the playoffs.

Riverton 2016 Offensive and Defensive Stats

RIVERTON — For the second time in three years, Tanner Vernon found himself adjusting to a new coaching staff.

“In my mind, we’ve done it before,” he said. “We went through a coaching change as sophomores. We’re used to it.”

He said what was more difficult was pulling together with the other veterans to lead the team in the off-season when they were without a coach. It made the normal challenges of an offense more difficult.

“For a little bit when we didn’t have a coach, it was hard,” the defensive lineman said. “There were a handful of us that had to step up and kind of be the coaches.”

Vernon said he’s learned new techniques, new strategies and new mental toughness from the new coaching staff.

“A lot of these guys bring a lot of experience,” he said. “They bring a completely different mindset. They bring something new, something different, and it just makes you a more versatile athlete.”

Blaine Monkres is still getting to know the team he was hired to …read more

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