Fake news is nothing new — here’s how it killed my ancestor over 300 years ago

13 Aug , 2017 Business

Picture over Shrine in Drogheda  Oliver Plunkett

Fake news isn’t a new phenomenon.
In 1678, rumors of a fabricated plot against the king gripped England.
Public sentiments became more heated in the wake of a mysterious murder.
Many innocent people were hanged, drawn, and quartered.

Fake news seems to be everywhere nowadays.

It spreads like crazy across the web and is blind to ideology. It’s allegedly a tactic used in Russia’s campaign to influence democratic elections. It’s a favorite term of President Donald Trump, too — especially when it comes to unflattering media coverage.

It’s also easier than ever for conspiracy theories to gain steam and spread fast.

Google accidentally promoted a fake story accusing former President Barack Obama of planning a coup, some conservative media figures have embraced the fringe theory that the CIA hacked the Democratic National Committee and framed Russia, and a recent lawsuit against Fox News alleges that the network worked with the White House to promote a conspiracy theory about the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, a claim the Trump administration has denied.

There’s no end in sight to all this misinformation.

But while the term “fake news” might be having a moment, the idea is really nothing …read more

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