Facing Down The Torches Of Nazis, White Supremacists, & Nationalists In Virginia

13 Aug , 2017 Culture

This essay was written by a law student at the University of Virginia who decided to counterprotest on Friday when members of Unite the Right stormed the campus. She shared it in the Pantsuit Nation Facebook group with the hope of calling allies to arms to join Saturday’s protest. It is reprinted with permission and edited for clarity and length.

My friend and I arrived on campus on Friday night and were met with hundreds of white nationalists — of course, 99% white men — carrying torches through what is known as the lawn, the main quad of campus. They chanted, “You will not replace us” and “white lives matter.” Because they planned the rally for when students would not be on campus, and they held this rally as a surprise, there were comparatively much fewer counter-protestors. We tried to keep our distance but felt it was tremendously important to document what was happening, so we went live on our phones; below is that video.

The white nationalist groups walked around the rotunda, which sits at the front of the lawn, and began to gather around the Thomas Jefferson statue on the other side of the rotunda. At the statue, around …read more

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